Monday, September 24, 2012

new year...

New year…
Well, it’s not as if I did nothing these past few weeks, but I did very little. Not because I didn’t want too.
Still, it seems that I can’t find the time these days, and when I finally get to my hobbies I’m so tired…
On top of that, some of my latest “sewing adventures” lately have been a big fat failure!!!
For example – I made the adorable Redondo for my 9 years old…

Isn’t it pretty? I made this skirt so many time before.. always a big hit!
But this time… when she wore it the first time the fabric started to tear…

Note, it’s not the stitch that tore, it’s near it!

I understood (I asked around in the Israeli sewing forum) that the problem is the fabric. That it’s suitable for a different kind of garments, something that is less tight probably, and should have interfaced…
What a big disappointment!

Following I tried this Kwiq sew pattern for pants for myself. (I'll post soon about it, with pictures)
As I rarely ever sew pants for myself, I measured carefully and selected the size. It was HUGE!!!! I took down a lot, from all seams… then tried it again. It looked better this time, but nowhere close to the nice pants I wanted.
Still, now that I got the size right I may try it again, add some pants and ‘upgrade’ it a bit. Then I’ll post a review.
And a new quilt.. still in process (pictures will be available soon). I promised my girls a new blanket each, and I started with my 5.5 years old, as her blanket will be smaller. Wow, so many hours were invested in this (still unfinished) quilt, and it’s not as successful as I planned it. The part of stitching all three layers together – so difficult!
I will have to get some manual guidance with that from a friend, otherwise no way I’ll succeed to accomplish another quilt for my 9 years old!
The one successful item I made is this cake for my 3 years old nephew.

All these disappointments led me to an important decision…
No more ‘Practical’ sewing! No more ‘no fun’ tasks! What do I mean???
All those items I’m making because I can, not because I want!
All those ‘fixes’ or items I make for friends because they asked me too, and I felt bad to say no!
All those items that I’m NOT excited to start.
All of these – no more!!!
From now on, I see a dress pattern I like for the girls… Make it! So what if they already have too many dresses??? So what???
I see some cute pants???? A cute simple (small!!!) quilt pattern????
I don’t need those to be practical. I need to WANT to sew them!
And as for those ‘practical' items that I need (yes, pants for myself included, simple T shirts, even bags and purses) - buy them!!!!!
I hope I’ll keep this new decision, I want my hobby to keep being fun, I want to feel excited about the items I make. Otherwise, it becomes just another task in a day full of tasks as it is…
Happy new year all!!