Sunday, April 21, 2013

Summer sewing in the middle of the winter

Ok, it's not the middle of the winter. It's spring here, but for the past few days it's cold and raining and storming!
I Really hate this weather, especially when it arrives only two weeks after I packed all the winter blankets and put them away..

For the past few weeks I've been kind of blocked. I didn't feel the urge to start new patterns, to try new stuff (which is a shame because I have so many new patterns waiting for me!). I don't know why... And I have two big projects coming - the bridesmaids dresses for my girls and a cute dress for myself for my little sister's wedding and summer clothes for my girls. They do not need much, but still..

So I was in the mood for some really easy projects, The first is "Ima and Aba Shel Shabat" (how to translate it??? the little boy and girl that help the kindergarten teacher to lit the candles?). I made a costume for my little guys when it was their turn to help, and left the costumes for the kindergarten.

The pictures are bad. You'll have to trust me as to how cute they looked!
I made my 9 years old the Ceci pants. I already reviewed this cute shorts pattern right here. As I wrote, the pattern goes up to size 8. and it gotten too small for my dd. So I had to upgrade it a bit. I think I did a good job...

And the last of the summer sewing I did (it was funny to make my kids try it when it rained like crazy outside) was the Bandana hat. I got the pattern in YCMK. right here.
I realy like this little hat. The pattern is very good, very detailed, and very fast. There is one tricky part of attaching one of the fabric straps to the brim. I got it a bit off when I tried it the first time... for the third time it was perfect :-)
The patterned fabric are quilting cottons. the blue hat is denim (I did not clean the threads before taking the picture...)and it is the cutest..
I hope to have some more serious projects soon...
That's it for now!