Thursday, May 14, 2015

April… well, it is over, but though I was not around here, I kept sewing (though not nearly as much as I wanted!)
First, I made the tiger top for my tween. It’s the same pattern I made several times before, Ottobre 01-2014-28. size 146 cm. The fit, as you see, is great. She loves it. I don’t see the point in reviewing it again, couldn't find an easier sleeveless top..

Then I tried something new - an Ottobre top for myself. Yes, I renewed my subscription and included also the women issue. I hope to have at least one really good pattern at each issue.. at least…
I chose Faded stripes. Ot 02-2015-17. Can't recall which size I made. I'll have to update it layter.
I added a band at the bottom and on the sleeves, I like this way of finishing sleeves….
I like it, but I don’t know if I LOVE it though. The pattern is really easy, the fit is good. The instructions are clear. But it’s missing something. Not sure what, I’m not sure I’ll make it again.

I didn't take a photo yet, will do it soon...
Then I decided to make a pattern that is one of the oldest patterns I own, back from the times I just started sewing. simplicity 2268, size 3, for my soon 4 years girl.
Funny, back when I bought this pattern it was supposed to be for my oldest.. not almost 12 years old J
Well, it’s never too late!
I like it. It’s for woven fabric, meaning I get to use my cute fabric with cute prints! This fabric that two years from now I may have nothing to do with it!!! It has NO zippers and NO buttons!!!!
And it still looks cute.

The instructions are very clear and detailed. I remembered how I like
- Tracing patterns and cutting them – without having to to print and tape together…
- The step by step instructions of the big 4!

I think I’m back to paper patterns! After several years of PDFs…

anyway – I did everything exactly as instructed and I like the result – but if I make it again… (why if???? Because I lately counted,.. my 4 years old has 20 dresses, no less!!! I’ve started already a new dress for her birthday, bou after that I honestly doubt I’ll make her another one in the coming year or two…) I’ll make two changes
- Fully line the bodice
- Omit the piece of elastic in the back. It really is meaningless… the ties work well enough

Do I recommend it?
Yes! .lovely, and very easy!
Hope to back in less then two full months J