Saturday, January 30, 2010


I won Oona in a giveaway from dots N Stripes!
I love winning!
I love Farbenmix patterns!
I have a somewhat crazy week, since the coming Friday my little one turns 3! I can't believe it - She's my baby, and she is such a big child now!
Anyhow - I wanted to make her something, a new outfit, for her birthday, but I knew I really wouldn't have the time. Then I looked at Oona - and it seemed simple enough, but really cute!
so - it was very fast!
This is my first Farbenmix pattern that I didn't need the photo tutorial or any explanation, it just came together so quickly!
One of the reasons I love Farbenmix patterns is that they seem comfortable. Nothing to limit the child from jumping, running... Oona is no exception - my doughter danced in it...
so here it comes -

Her 6 years old sister is also there, getting ready for Purim...

That's it for now...


  1. Wonderful pictures, great kombination, so so sweet!
    Lot of greetings from Germany

  2. Gorgeous! Looks like the perfect dancing dress. How I miss Purim. Living in the country with noone to share it with, it is not quite the same.

  3. Thank you both!
    Kate - Are you also from Israel????

  4. What a great dress! The Zuma pattern is super easy, you should give it a try! Love your daughter in the back preparing for Purim! Darling!