Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some small stuff

Well, this month I spent mostly looking over at holiday gifts and decorations made by very talented bloggers all over the world.
I think we in Israel have way too many holidays as is, but I wish we had Christmas!

Some of the blogs inspired me to take off from my usual, very practical, sewing - cloths, and try on some small cute stuff, which I usually just plan to do but never get there!

SO here are some of the staff I made this month -
Two poochie bag as instructed by Happy Zombie! Here is the project! For my 6 years old I made if for her dancing class - so she can always know where her dancing equipment is...

This is actually embroidery pattern of SubLime! And my first embroidery work!
This is the second bag - made for my little one..

I also got the be a tester for The Dazzle Bag of NutMeg Designs! What a great pattern! I loved it! and I made this to myself -

I'll make this again!
Well, now that December is over - I need to get back to my practical sewing... also a great fun!

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