Monday, February 14, 2011

First attempts of crochet... and my crochet bag!

I learned yesterday that I'm carrying a boy and a girl!!!I'm on week 18, and they both look healthy and well.
I placed an order fo some blue/purple yarn today... never needed those before :-)
As for my first attempts of crochet..I came across these wonderful you-tube movies of a lady called Teresa right here. I think these movies are just great!
I used this movie here to make these two cute hats...

It took me too long to make these... but I know I'll imrpove!

Now as I started with yarn, I really needed a place to store it and carry it around. I came across this great Bento Bag of the Pink Pinguin... (It's all over in Israelli blogland... some great bags made from this wonderful tutorial!). And I thought it will be great for storing my current yarn projects.

I am all excited now... now that I know what I have... I have so much to do... blankets, hats. booties... so much work ahead!

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  1. Delighted your little ones are doing so well. Well done on the hats, they certainly don't look like a first attempt.