Friday, March 4, 2011

I haven't posted in so long...

Sorry about that!
But I do have good excuses.., I am so tired! I am back to working from work, not from home, which is good, but it also means I get even more tired than I was before, and having two kids to handle after work hours... well, it barely gives me any time to do anything!
I complained to my mom the other day... all she had to tell me was that for the next few years I should not count on having much 'creativity time'... that raising my kids and working full times should be enough..
I guess she has a point...
But still, as long as I can.. I actually make some stuff..
I have been crocheting more...
The net crochet hat is from a great you-tube right here...
and I lost the grenny square youtube.. sorry!

I've also been sewing...
I do my best to get by with the clothes I have... Spring is just around the corner... It will be shame to go to all the trouble of making myself winter tops for a month or so.
But I made myself one lightweight knot top that will be good for the coming month, and by spring I'll just shorten the sleeves. I'll post about that soon because I still got no pictures.
I also started summer sewing for the girls... knowing that this summer I may not have the time to handle that. So I prepares a short list of 'must haves' for the summer for both girls. There isn't much there.. they both have so many clothes, but I think one new dress I have to make... each. And a couple of skorts... so useful!
So I already made some tank tops and a skirt. I will post about that soon too... when I get the pictures taken.
I might start baby sewing soon...

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  1. Your crochet is looking so good and your girls look really happy with what you've made.