Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally... Purim

I love Purim. My girls have a big costumes case, where we store shiny fabrics and costumes from previous years, and they play with those all year. But Purim is a great reason for buying/making new ones.
This year I was afraid I wouldn't make it.. so I baught them costumes...
And at the same time I started planning what to sew too... Hoping I was going to make it. And I did!
I baught the shiny fabrics in a new online Israeli fabric shop... badimdim... The prices were reasonable,and shipment was very quick.. and I can't go fabric shopping right now, probably wouldn't be able to in the coming months either.
I used this wonderful mermaid toturial by 'living the creative life' blog. What a wonderful toturial!
I used another shiny fabric that I had lying around for the tank tops. This is the same pattern I used for my girls tops from last post.
Purim this year is practically the begining of Spring... but most times we have some rain in Purim. So I decided to add boleros.. I used a big favorite of mine, New look 6582. I made it several times before. This time I made itvery simple, one layer, no finishes at all on the outside.
Here is comes:
My two little mermaids!

They love their costumes, and they chose to wear these costumes to to their purim parties!
Tomorrow they will probably be princesses again!
They already started discussing next years' costumes with me!
Happy Purim you all!

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