Tuesday, March 29, 2011

white dress... another Tini!

I don't like making white dresses. They never remain white, not in my house, and I hate it when I need to worry, when the girls are in the middle of some fun activity, that they mess their dresses...
But my big girl asked for one... and she really has no white dress. She might need one for passover anyway...
But I didn't want to spend too much time and effort on a dress that will not be in use too often.
So I went with 'Tini'.
I've made Tini so many times before, it is always great! I made it bigger this time, hoping to make it last throughout the summer...
The pictures are not that great because my 7 years old, when a camera is directed at her, starts posing... and not very well... for some reason she believes she looks best when she stands in some very strange angles and turns her head to various positions...
never mind.
The dress fits, and it's white!

I had to change my plans for April... I thought of completing another dress for each girl, but instead I have some other urgent issues... I promised my niece a new dress. It's more complicated, because I usually try a muslin on me/my girls before actually sewing, and this time I'm pretty much guessing... but I have to make progress with that. I also promised her a jacket,
When I am done with that... I better start preparing some of the things for my little ones... I am planning sleeping bags and prefold diapers.. and cute outfits to get out of the hospital with.
As always, so much to do!

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  1. This is a lovely dress and the fabric you picked is gorgeous - she looks very pleased.
    Looking forward to seeing the jacket you make for your niece :-)