Thursday, April 7, 2011

Passover dress for my little one...

I made it...
One more dress.
Still a lot do before Passover!
I'm almost done with the muslin dress (that I hope will be wearable too!) for my niece. She just needs to come over so I can out the buttons in the correct place. Then, once I have her approval, I need to make it one more time in another fabric. And a bolero too...
I also started sewing for the babies too... very few things, hope to have something to show soon.
Back to the dress...
I have so many dress patterns, but I saw this one in YCMT. I do not usually buy pdf paterns for clothes (because I hate having to tape papers togther), but I made an exception this time. To be honest, I think I could have drafted this pattern myself, since I have another pattern that looks very similar, but then I would have felt uncomfortable... taking someone else's idea without paying for it.
So I baught the pattern.
I changed it though... The long back option of the original pattern is made with shirring, which I hate...
So I made it with elastics.
I took the main pattern piece (the bodice) and made all other parts for myself, considering the fabrics that I had. I did't have enough for the sash... so I gave it up.
I think the result is cute... not the best, but cute enough. And my little girl is HAPPY!
The dress deserves better pictures then the ones I took (very rainy in here lately) and I'll do that as soon as it warms up outside...
to the pictures

There was really no need for the instructions... very simple dress.But I looked at them anyway, so I can report they are very well written, very clear, it is a great pattern for any beginner sewer!


  1. I can see why that one caught your eye.The bodice has a very pretty shape! Nice sewing!

  2. How cute is that dress! I love it. Might have to get it for my daughter too.