Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simplicity 2924 - Diaper bag

When I was pregnant with my big girl, I baught this functional diaper bag, that was blue (in case I'll have a son a baby boy the next time). I didn't like this bag, but it served its purpose.
It's now pretty dirty and I was happy to replace it with a new bag.
This is the pattern I chose...

This is a pattern for a cute diaper bag, with a flap (that closes using volecro), two side pockets for bottles, one inside pocket divided to two and one back pocket on the outside.

But I made some changes...
For one thing, I want my bag to have a place for 4 bottles, not just the two on the sides, so I made similar side pockets on the inside of the bag..
I also added a zippered pocket on the front for my cell phone.
And two additional inside pockets, other then the two already in the pattern.
I think this bag will be good, I hope it has enough pockets...
For some of the pockets I used the lining fabric (denim) on the outside, to have some contrast. I like the result.
Here are the pictures...
The front..

The side pocket on the outside

The inside pockets(there are many :-))

And the zippered front pocket

I used cotton for the front, and denim for the lining, and I interfaced all parts...

The directions are very good. I recommand this pattern!!

Passover is nearly over... too bad...


  1. Great looking bag! I think having a gender neutral bag is pointless. The bag is your accessory, and you should have what you like! :) All of the nappy bags that i bought when Will was a baby were pink! LOL

  2. Such a eyecatchingly lovely and practical bag! Very nicely crafted!