Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burda 08-2006-125 - Maternity top

I thought... or hoped... that I could get through this pregnancy without buying/making anyspecial clothes. I got from a friend a couple of pants, and I hoped that would be enough.
For when I'm at home that's no big deal. My husband is a big man. I can wear his shirts. But when I go to work, or anywhere else...
I am not really 'presentable' never mind what I wear. still, I'd like to wear clothes that do not reveal my belly botton :-)
I am just starting my 7th month... and already I have NOTHING to wear. So I spent a couple of hours this weekend and this morning maiking myself two maternity tops.
This is the pattern I chose, Burda 08-2006-125, This is what it looks like on the model...

Well... It doesn't look this way on me! For one thing, I'm so much bigger then the model!
I made some changes in the pattern to fit my needs better, and I like the result. Really... still, I wish I could find a maternity pattern that makes me look THIN!
never mind...
The changes I made:
1. I changed the neck line to V shape, I like it better. And I finished it with binding.
2. I cut the back and front a bit longer.. I still need growing room.
3. A note for the long sleeve- not long enough! If I needed the long sleeves version, I'd make the sleeves a couple of inches longer.
4. The back - I narrowed it just a bit in the center back near the neck, and the back in the neck area kind of gaped...
I made it twice... in very stretchy fabric. The fit is good (I made size 40). I onlytook pictures of the first one,
Don't lough. I know I look like a whale...

I hope that with these two tops I can manage the next two months.... I really don't like spedning any more time and effort on maternity clothes when I have so much cuter things on my mind...


  1. I think it looks fine, and you need to cut yourself some slack! you are carrying twins! :-)

  2. I can't believe you are 7 months already.
    That's a perfect maternity top, and I wouldn't take any notice of the model - don't they usually give them 'fake' tummies?

  3. I think the top looks nice - I didn't know you were pregnant at all! Please forgive me, I must have missed that important post. And then with twins, how exciting!! Hope everything goes well, please keep us updated :-)

  4. You look so cute! Great job on the shirt. And you are not suppose to look thin! Skinny and pregnant is not good for the babies or the mommy! You are just right. You look beautiful.