Wednesday, April 13, 2011

crochet blanket...

I've had many opportunities lately to wait for a doctor's appointment... (Have you noticed? you never get to hold the appointment in time! Doctors always run late!).
Also, it happens pretty often lately that when the girls are finally in bed for the night, all I can do is lie down and rest.
I have tried to use this time to crochet...
I first saw the blanket in this blog, and then I saw Hebrew directions in here... (Thanks so much for these!!!)
I actually understood the directions!
So I started.
I have a lot to improve, I didn't really make the squares well... nut well enough!
After 25 squares - I put them together and this is what I had.

I realized this is too small... so I asked in the Knitting Israeli Forum how to expand it. I made some mistakes again, and it didn't come out exactly as I planned it (somehow it expanded a bit..)
But I like what I have!

I have another blanket started, boy's colors this time.

On sewing related issues...
I sent my niece her new 'muslin' dress. She's supposed to try it on and send me a picture. I hope she does that soon.
I have a lot planned for April - May, but at the same time I need to get some order and work on my hours, we need to build a new room, which means clearing up the 'mess room' that we have.. a lot of work, I hope I can make it...

Happy Passover all of you!


  1. I think you did a fabulous job! The blanket looks awesome and I love how you used the red for the borders.

  2. Your blanket looks gorgeous. You learnt to crochet so quickly.