Saturday, July 16, 2011

So blessed!!!!

Well, ten days ago, on a regular checkup at the hospital... The doctor said I was already in labor. Seven hours later, my little boy was out!

As soon as he was out, his twiמ sister decided to change her position... legs first.. so she had to be delivered in a C-Section. Lucky me, cut on both sides :-)

They are both fine... good weight for twins (2.600 KG the boy, 2.750 KG the girl). So tiny!!!!
I look at them... and I feel so blessed!
I have four amazing kids!

The nights are difficult... very difficult. I don't get enough sleep, and I still don't feel as myself. I still look pregnant :-( very pregnant! And I have waited for so long to put my old clothes on!!!

But I know after the coming few months, we'll get a new rutine, and it will all be just fine.

I have so much to blog about, two items I made before having the babies... two new books I baught, and I have prepared about fours items, all cut, just to be sewn together, piece by piece, when I have the time...
But it'll all have to wait until I have the time!

see you soon!


  1. Congratulations, they are gorgeous and so cute!

  2. Congratulations on your 2 beautiful babies, I'm so glad they arrived safe and healthy. Lucky babies to have two gorgeous older sisters!

  3. OH bless your heart with the delivery! They are SO BEAUTIFUL! Hang in there with the nights. I have a friend that has triplets and I know from her it can get really difficult. Just remember from your girls being babies, it really does get better. It really will. Give them a hug and a kiss for me! Sweet babies!

  4. OH and now you need to change your blog title and info!

  5. Congratulations Michal, they are adorable!