Friday, February 10, 2012

I thought I could have it all...

four kids, a husband, full time job an haour and a half away from home, and time for crafting too...
I guess I was wrong. This past month since I returned to work has been really busy.
At night, when all the kids are asleep, I took a few minutes each day to work on my 5 years old birthday cakes (yes, as always, 3 different cakes), so I had no time to sew at all!
I did manage a few items before all that...
one is 11-2008-125

Here's the way mine looks

It is part of my pattern stash sewing.. I'm trying realy hard to buy nothing new... (OK, a friend of mine baught some Jersey fabrics for me, but I really didn;t have enough of those).

The pattern review:
I made size 40, and it is wide... I think it runs big.
it is pretty simple to make. The instructions were simple.
I like it a cute simple summer top, but I don't know if I'll make it again, it's not special in any way...

I also made many cakes this month...

I need more pink edible color!!!

Last evening, once we had all the parties over, I placed my sewing machine back on the table..

My plans for the feture (note, I don't plan for the 'coming month' anymore... )
- A new winter top for myself
- summer dresses - four of them, two my 8 years old and her best friend, and two for my 5 years old and her best friend..
- two dolls...
- two quilt cushions
I wonder how long it'll take me...

Ok, now that I have a couple of minutes (little ones are playing near me, two big girls and husband all a sleep, no work today..) I;m going to see what change on blogland this past month I was not around..


  1. Thank you for this review! I like this top!

  2. Your top is lovely and the cakes are divine. I hope you're doing well.