Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mccall 6435 - two new tops

Hi There..
I know, I'm such a bad blogger! even worse, I can't keep track of all the blogs out there, with all this great inspiration. It's a difficult time for me, and I keep reminding myself that the twins are growing bigger, and in two years or so life WILL get easier.
but in te meantime...
I rarely craft anymore. I want to, I keep my to-do list very long, and getting longer, but I realise I can't make it all.
So I gave up in advance. I did not make the girls any costume for PURIM this year. Nor did I make any toy for my little ones.
I did make two new tops for myself.
The fabrics are not from my stash, because I had no jersey fabrics. But the pattern is from my stash. It is Mccall 6435

I made both views, with high quality Jersey fabric

The pattern review
Sizing: I made size 8. It's a bit too snug on me, I still did not get used to my post-pregnancy figure... So I guess that's my problem, not the pattern.
The directions great! though there is nothing special to be instructed about, it rally is a simple T shirt, made out of two fabrics to look unique.
Will I make it again? Made it twice already, will very likely make it again. maybe even with lace the way it is displayed on the pattern envelop.
fabric used: great jersey fabric that a friend fot for me.

It really is a great simple pattern, with lots of potential!

Pretty soon I plan to use some stash fabrics for some cute and simple summer projects for the girls. They may be prepared in the time for the next winter, but I'll have to take the chance :-)

Good day all!

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  1. You look GREAT! A size 8 is small girl! I know post pregnancy is hard but you will get there. It will get less busy in certain ways as your cuties get bigger. Enjoy them as much as you can,I know that can be hard with the demands of babies, and know it will get easier.
    Love this pattern! The asymetrical one is my favorite. I hope you ankle heals quickly!