Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back in the blogging world..

Yes, I have the time now to look at other blogs.. to write a new post, which has been waiting for quiet some time now...
But not to sew...
I broke my leg!!!! two nights ago, I took care of the laundry, I slipped, and fell, and broke my ankle!
I am now laying on the sofa, can't do anything around the house.. other than feed one of the babies.
my husband is exhausted.. only two days and he's already desperate. I don't know how we'll survive 6 weeks of that!
So, he took all the kids and he's spending the day with his parents, hoping to get an hour of sleep there.
and I have time to blog...
first, I made my 5 years old a passover dress, from sheer purple fabric that I bought years ago from
The pattern is Little Girls Big Style - Basic Dress.

(sorry, I meant to put nice pictures, from Passover eve.. But I'm not sure we'll even attend it this year...)
Some remarks:
It was very difficult to handle this fabric and to gather it evenly, at some point I just quit trying and simply made little folds. It doesn't look as nice as gathers, but still OK.
The pattern runs big, really big. I made size 3, and it fits real nice. next time I will have to make a size bigger.

I cut the leftover fabric to two parts, I used the bigger one for a simple skirt for my 8 years old...

The small part I put aside, hoping to get something done for my little one, I really love this fabric, even though it is difficult.

Another thing...
I know I said using only stash fabric and patterns... And I usually follow this decision, but I could not resist Modkid new book
you can see it right here
It looks great, right???
It is great!
There are only patterns there for knit fabrics, and they all look really special,
I plan to make the swimsuits for this Summer, and the swim covers.
And I already made the bubble dress..
But this will be reported on the next post...
Bye for now,

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle! I hope it doesn't hurt too much and gets better soon. But 6 weeks is an awful long time... I will be thinking of you :-)