Saturday, April 14, 2012

Modkid New Book...

So, I mentioned this on my last past...
I got the book about 3 weeks ago and started right away.

I started to work on the bubble dress right away!
I meant to sew this cute casual dress for my 5 years old. As it turned out, it was way too baggy on her, too long and too wide (it is also the same in the book... it's meant to be this way). So I tried the dress also on my 8 years old. It's a bit too short for her, but SO CUTE! (with leggings, of course).

I then cut the same size again, but I took off a couple of inches from the length and width of the top part this time, I think it'll fit my 5 years old better.
But... all I have left to do to complete this dress is the neck opening and hemming of the sleeves, and I can't sew now, till my leg gets better...
So all I can show you now is the first dress, again, originally for a 5 years old but modeled on my 8 years old...
Isn't is adorable???

Now, about the book..
It's all stretch items, all seem very casual and usefull items. I think I'll sew most of them, because stretch clothes are always so comfortable, and if they are also cute...
My favorite are the bubble dress, the leggings, the gloves, the bathing suits... the tops are also very very cute.
It'll take some time, but I know I'll make it all.
It's a great book, filled with really great items for girls, very practical, comfortable and cute!
The instructions (of the bubble dress) are very good, the patterns paper is very high quality, the whole package is very attractive...
Great buy!
It's a good thing my little girl is only 9 months old :-)

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  1. Isn't it a wonderful book!? Cute designs and yes a great buy! Definitely a go to book for a long time!