Saturday, April 21, 2012

More of Modkid new book...

So,I was able to sit for a little while, and finish the new items that I already started for this great Modkid book. I made my 5 years old the bubble dress (size 104 cm, but modifies to be much narrower and shorter), and leggings (also size 104, the fit is perfect).
And i made the bubble skirt for my 8 years old. I used the correct sizing for her (132 cm), but it came a bit too wide. Next time I'll make it a size smaller. An important note, though the pattern calls for stretch fabrics, I thought that for this particular pattern it might work with wovens too. And it did - denim for the belt and cotton for the skirt part.
The girls are happy with their new outfits, and I'm planning more for the summer. I need to get started with swimming suits, shorts and tops for my 8 years old, a dress for my 5 years old... and hopefully a new outfit for each baby for their coming birthday!! (Yes, they will be one year old in two and a half months!!!). In the meantime I knit a little bit, since sitting at the sewing machine is still difficult. And from work they sent a laptop home... no more free time, I am getting back to work... hope to make some progress this week!

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  1. Awww thank you for the sweet comment! I have been really enjoying your sewing from the book too! Hugs to you girl!