Thursday, December 12, 2013

Many finished items

I thought I'm done with the blog... I don't really have the time to manage it, and on top of that a month ago my computer, with all the pictures on it, stopped working. I'm not sure it can be fixed!!! I hope to get to that soon.
However, I realised that when starting a new item, I often refer to my blog for comments about fit, changes I made, etc. even when starting with a new pattern, I like to document lessons learned from it...
So, I'm keeping the blog. I'll do my best to display the relevant items here... by that I mean that if I make 3 items of the same pattern, identical other than size or fabric... no need to document them.
I have quiet a few months of items to display.. but many pictures are in the old (coruppted!!!) computer. So this is from the last month.
So, first, I want to show pictures from my dd's tenth birthday party!
and the birthday girl.. (I bought the dress, she really wanted and since I didn't buy her clothes for years.. I thought it was a good time :-) )

I'll use this post to just display an Henrika I made for my soon 7 years old...
I already reviewed this pattern... right here so no need to say more. A great pattern!

Will be back soo with more!!! Good weekend all!

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