Sunday, August 25, 2013

Leilani Top - YES!!!!

Hi all...
It's almost the end of the Summer vacation here. We didn't travel this year, we didn't do too much of anything.. except working and waiting for the Summer to be over!

I didn't do much also sewing wise. But I did get to sort out some of my fabrics and patterns, and I realized that over the last two years or so my sewing 'agenda' has changed! I buy far less paper patterns and far more pdf patterns. They are cute, usually very well explained, and they arrive upon clicking the keyboard!

I hate the part of taping the pattern pieces together.. but hey, nothing's perfect, right?
SO, even though I have SO MANY paper patterns that I haven't used yet.. I bought two new patterns last month. These new patterns are a good investment, or so I tell myself, as they fit many sizes and mostly, they are good for teen aged girls...
You may remember I mentioned a while ago that my soon 10 years old no longer wants to wear dresses.. Some are exceptions, but mostly she prefers more 'adult' clothes.
The patterns that I bought are exactly that!
The first pattern is the Leilani Flounce top. You can find it here.

I made it twice already, with matching leggings (I think from the Modkid wonderful book)

Here's one

Need I say more??? How cute is that? My girls LOVE their new outfits!
The pattern is precise, clear, very well explained! The down side, as with all pdf patterns, is the printing and taping together, This is especially true since I don;t have any color printer and so have to count the lines instead of relying on the color of the lines.
There are many variations to this pattern, all detailed. I chose the cute sleeve option. The flounce on the bottom can be left out, as I did for my 10 years old girl. She said it's too childish!!!
Love it, really! I know I'll be making this pattern again!
On my next post I'll have more teen clothes to show and the the pattern that I bought.,.. soon!
Happy school year all!

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  1. It's such a lovely top, and I completely agree about taping PDF's. I won't buy them if they have too many pages! Your girls are really getting so tall :-)