Sunday, August 18, 2013

newlook 6405... old pattern

Hi all...
My computer is back to life! And I didn't fix it. Goes to show that sometimes all of us need a rest!

Anyway, I discovered it's back and right away downloaded all the pictures from the last month. I don't think I'll have the energy or time to show them all now.. But I better start! (These days are very long, finding solutions for the kids, each one in a different place, while I have to work!!! two more days, then I'll take several days off work till the school year starts!)

So the first pattern is Newlook 6405.
I made it before, several times, and then I forgot it for years!
Lately I found it again...
Unfortunately, size 10, which is the pattern I traced and used 4 years ago... no longer fits.
Since I'm lazy, I didn't bother to trace a bigger size again. Instead I just added seam allowance and in the bottom (front and back) I added several cms more, because this top is SHORT!!! So I made it twice. LOVE it!

I see I already reviewed it before.. right here I look at the pictures.. from 4 years ago.. I was so thin!!!!!!!!!!
Now I want to show you a blanket fr my 2 years old little girl... that I started a year ago. I don;t think quilts are for me. I like the result.. but not the process. The top part is fun to make, but the filling and the binding... not my cup of tee. Don't know if I'll make quilts again. Maybe only the tops with fleece for the other side of the blanket...

I have more to show.. but I'm too tired now. So, I promise!
Bye for now, enjoy the rest of the Summer!!

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