Friday, February 28, 2014

Sew Baby Wonder Jacket

Hi all! I know, I was away for so long. My computer was broken and I just received my new computer.
I lost 10 years of pictures!!!! no back up, no nothing.. and we haven't been able to restore the pictures yet..
I really hope the lab will be able to restore them!!
And I have two months of work to show here. Not too much unfortunately... because it s such a busy time in mu life... but I do what I can..
So here come the jackets I made for my little ones three months ago.

and this is the way it turned out..
This is the pattern

Aren't they cute??
I made it three months ago.. So I can't really give the greatest pattern review... but a few words I think I can manage.
It was very easy, very good in size (I made size 2 for my twins, 2.5 years old). I made the double layer jacket. the inner part if heavy fleece, the outside is flannel (for the girl) and jersey (for the boy)
I had no troubles with the instructions and it was ready in no time! I wish this pattern came in bigger sizes, I would have made my own!
I think it goes up to size 4, so I guess I have a couple of years to enjoy it! I did not try the hat yet..
but I may try it next year.I highly recommend this pattern! it's great for beginners, really easy, only two pattern pieces!!! Amazing!

I hope my next time here will be soon, not three months from now!!!!

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  1. Goodness, I hope you get your pictures back!!!
    The jackets are gorgeous, but I can't focus on them because your babies are so cute ;-) and very like your older girls.
    x Angela