Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday again...

Hi all
I'm still trying to catch on with the stuff I made and didn't upload... One of these old debts is my 7 years old birthday.
For the dress I made her the Modkid bubble dress... I've done it before many times... and I like the results each time...

I made her a size smaller than the size she's supposed to be according to her height. Because I remember this pattern is a bit long and baggy...
What do you think?
This is one of the cakes I made for her (no photos of the other ones...)

It was for her birthday party at home. We invited all the kids from school (she's first grade, and the teacher doesn't like it if only some of the kids are invited). Let me tell you something, I have a new appreciation towards teachers! I thought I'll manage the kids just fine... I prepared some craft materials... some party games, but.. they didn't even listen to me... they were busy doing what they wanted...
It turned out fine however, because a friend of mine brought her daughter over and stayed, she's a kindergarten teacher and when she talked.. the kids listened. she saved me!!!
But I think this was my last attempt to host a birthday party for young kids on my own... I learned something! If you wish to see more of the Modkid bubble dress look here and here. Love this pattern!
This is it for now! Have a good week!

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