Saturday, August 16, 2014

more of the "Ceci Shorts"

Hi all..
I am still sewing for tweens..mostly...
my almost 11 years old is physically changing. It's becoming a problem to find clothes that look nice on her and that she likes and I approve of. The main issue is shorts and swimsuits.. So I found myself sewing those..
I tried several shorts patterns.. didn't like them (I don't like writing negative reviews.. I tend to skip these reviews), so I returned to the Ceci shorts. I already made them before, (see here) and they go up to only size 8... I had to enlarge it over and over and change... it took several attempts but I managed... I give you the Ceci shorts enlarged about 2 sizes!!!
This is my girl

while writing, I have another Ceci pants on the table. My girls wears them a lot, they look cute on her, and they are even good for school. What else can I ask for???
Next I made a swimming suit..Had to.. really, couldn't find a nice suit for her that will fit and will be too tiny... I chose Kwiksew pattern 2605, size 12. Really easy and cute!!! I don't feel comfortable posting picture of my girl in swimsuit anymore... so you'll have to believe me, it looks great! it it not too revealing and yet not to modest for her. The perfect compromise.
Next I wanted to make something cute for my three years old girl.. she has so many dresses that I still have from her older sisters that I barely bother making anything for her... but I took a look lately in my fabrics closet... wow.. so many cottons, and I barely sew quilting cottons anymore.. I has to at least use of a little bit. I chose the Megan dress... made at least 10 times this past year...

Coming up next... some sewing for myself... or so I hope!

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