Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ottobre 1/2014 #25 Funny Faces Dress

So, my October's new pattern is Funny faces, from Ottobre. It's getting colder here, and my 3 years old girl loves dresses... and the pattern seems easy enough. so I tried.
For my first attempt I used size 92cm (my girl is about that size), and changed nothing from the pattern. (actually I lengthed the sleeves. they seemed to short..) I used a stretch white fabric leftover from my older girls' dresses. and on top I put stretch floral lace, which I had sitting around for ages...
This is what i got (not great pictures, I know)

So you can see the sleeves are too long... my error.. also the dress is too wide for my taste, and the skirt just isn't twirling enough... still, my girl loves it.
For the next dress I made some changes - I narrowed the upper part, kept the sleeve length at the original size (which turned out to be just fine), and used a circle skirt instead if the gathered skirt. I took the pattern piece from the maria dress I made so many times... I like this option of a skirt because
1. very twirly
2. very easy to sew - no gathering needed
3. no need to hem if I don't want to (and I didn't want to) because I cut it once on two folds... no seams in the skirt at all..
so here's the second version

I like the dress much more this way, and I know I'll make it many more times.... maybe also for my 7.5 years old. a good basic dress.
For the coming few weeks I plan two make some log sleeves tops for myself... and If find a good winter dress for my tween it'll be great, it's her birthday soon.. so I have many cakes in the pipeline. Will not have time for sewing... again..


  1. This red dress is darling! I love the fabric combo. Knits can be so hard to find. Every girls needs a twirly skirt!

  2. Your tweaks made a big difference in the dress! I love the red dress...making the skirt part a circle skirt was a fabulous idea. You can never how too much twirl!;)