Friday, November 21, 2014

This month's new pattern is... Kimono Sleeve Ot 01-2014-19

OK then, I really don't need any clothes for my little ones (well, except for some pants for my boy... but I don't bother with those.. I just buy the cheapest that I find). Still, in the latest Ottobre I saw this really cute pattern.. I could not resist it.
It is constructed really funny.. the sleeves are cut with the bodice, and the seam is in the bodice center. It's unique...
Now, here's the problem - I can do with lightweight knit, but it'll mean I'll have to hem this lightweight curvy knit, which I'm not good with... and it'll only be good for a month or so, then the winter begins and heavier cloths are required.
So I decided to use fleece.. It's a problematic fabric choice because the fleece stretches to one side only.. this means that if the bodies stretches the sleeve doesn't stretch. I decided to take the risk.
Since non of my fleece fabrics was patterned, I needed a way to cheer the tunic up. I decided to use appliques that I bought long ago. Just ironed them on. Then I showed my 3.5 years the tunic and she LOVED it.. but my son felt neglected. I had to make him a top also. I used the Harava (01-2009-22) top from Ottobre.
So.. to the reviews
Both tops are great. For both I used high quality fleece. size 92.
Kimono Sleeve top
This is the way it looks after 4 times it's been washed...
The kimono top fits perfectly on little girl. The instructions are great, I really love the way it looks. The problem is, that the applique I used doesn't hold very well in laundry. So, for the second top I made her, I made the applique myself, using a free pattern that I downloaded years ago. (look here.. I love this applique)
Nothing problematic about the instruction. real cute, really special looking. My 8 years old also asked for such a top, in pink fleece. I just need to get more fleece..
Mode it twice. will probably make it again...
Harava top
I used size 92cm. A bit wide on my son. But CUTE. For the first version (the blue one) I used neck binding. For the second version I used neck facing.
I don't like it as much...
It turned out way too wide, so I guess we can use for sleeping, but it's too bad...
I have much more I want to make. As always, I guess I will not have time for all... but on the to-do list I have
Two tops for myself
Two toys that I promised my little ones (monkeys, or snails...)
dress for my tween and for my 8 years old
Bag for myself
I have some photos from my tween's 11th birthday.. but I think it'll wait. This post turned out long anyway..
Have a good weekend all!

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