Friday, January 2, 2015

The Steph In The City bag

Hi all,
My computer was messed up again so I was out of everything. But I got it back and I'm now back in business.
So, though it's January now, this pattern is my December's pattern of the month.
I chose the Steph In The City bdf. You can see it right here...
The pictures I show here are not good. I really need to learn how to take pictures!

The pattern is great. I really wanted to have a zippered bag. I don't usually make bags, too much work and details if I want to have a functional bag, but I really fell in love with this design.
The instructions are great, very detailed, very accurate.
The bag has quiet a few options, I chose the option if the zipper and added some inside pockets.
The bag is already in use, and I'm happy with it, except it's a bit too small for all the junk I throw in.
Then again, I've had this problem with every bag I every owned, since I have a nasty habit of never emptying my bag...
I have another pattern to show, hopefully soon.
Happy new year!

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