Saturday, January 30, 2010


I won Oona in a giveaway from dots N Stripes!
I love winning!
I love Farbenmix patterns!
I have a somewhat crazy week, since the coming Friday my little one turns 3! I can't believe it - She's my baby, and she is such a big child now!
Anyhow - I wanted to make her something, a new outfit, for her birthday, but I knew I really wouldn't have the time. Then I looked at Oona - and it seemed simple enough, but really cute!
so - it was very fast!
This is my first Farbenmix pattern that I didn't need the photo tutorial or any explanation, it just came together so quickly!
One of the reasons I love Farbenmix patterns is that they seem comfortable. Nothing to limit the child from jumping, running... Oona is no exception - my doughter danced in it...
so here it comes -

Her 6 years old sister is also there, getting ready for Purim...

That's it for now...

Monday, January 25, 2010

January Challenge! ME

Just a quick little post - I've completed my January challenge! I have joined earlier this month the 12 month challenge at My Favourite, At some point I didn't think I'll make it, but I did!
My challenge was to find the time between getting my daughters' costumes ready and regular house work and my actual work - and sew a new bag for myself!
I've used the pattern (and cut fabric) from SEW, but I have changed it - I put inside red lining, closed it using a magnetic snap, put two pockets inside. I like the way it looks..

However - This is NOT the bag I thought it would be... too small! I think I'll have to, at some point, make a diaper bag for myself! This seems the only kind of bag that will be roomy enough for me.... and no, it will not have diapers in it!
Anyhow, I completed this challenge! It is such a great idea! Getting ready for the next one!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So many packages!

Well, I've been waiting on so many packages these past few weeks, and they finally arrived (well, not all).
First - I won such a great giveaway at my favorite UK store dots N Stripes. Nicole has a giveaway there every week to celebrate 3 years to the shop! Here's the link to that!.
I won a pattern... my favorite! A Farbenmix pattern, another obsession of mine, I now have the Oona pattern, and I can't wait to get started with it...

I also got the SideWinder from zandsfavrics. The part to wind the bobbin of machine isn't working.. so when I received this package I sat for about 30 minutes just winding bobbins!
How fun -)

I also got a packge of cute buttons and ribbons from ebay. I'd give the link except I can;t seem to find it at the minute, and a bunch of patterns from They sometimes have great sales, and I place the order with another Israeli customer, it is a great deal.

Now, as to what I did - I've been busy, but didn't take photos yet. All that I did take photos of is a costume for my 6 years old. We're getting close to Purim, the Israeli Holiday of dressing up. I know it will be very difficult to find a high quality princess dress with long sleeves (the manufacturers always seem to forget that Purim is in the middle if the winter!!!) in a reasonable price, so I decided that this year I'll be making my girls costumes...

So from the last burda - 01/2010 pattern 150 - the princess dress

The dress is made from terrible fabrics, it was very difficult to cut! The upper layer is stretch sheer fabric and I had troubles putting it on, but it'll do the job for Purim. I still need to put on the dress bows and flowers, to make my girl either the 'nature princess', the 'flowers princess' or something else.

I also has the chance to complete the farbenmix Hoverrock for my 6 years old. I just love this pattern! It cam out really sweet on my opinion...

I am now working on a similar princess dress for my 3 years old. Her birthday is arriving soon, so after that costume I'll need to start attending to the cakes...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some small stuff

Well, this month I spent mostly looking over at holiday gifts and decorations made by very talented bloggers all over the world.
I think we in Israel have way too many holidays as is, but I wish we had Christmas!

Some of the blogs inspired me to take off from my usual, very practical, sewing - cloths, and try on some small cute stuff, which I usually just plan to do but never get there!

SO here are some of the staff I made this month -
Two poochie bag as instructed by Happy Zombie! Here is the project! For my 6 years old I made if for her dancing class - so she can always know where her dancing equipment is...

This is actually embroidery pattern of SubLime! And my first embroidery work!
This is the second bag - made for my little one..

I also got the be a tester for The Dazzle Bag of NutMeg Designs! What a great pattern! I loved it! and I made this to myself -

I'll make this again!
Well, now that December is over - I need to get back to my practical sewing... also a great fun!