Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring, Passover, long vacation!

Less then a week ago we started Summer clock here in Israel... I guess Spring is officially here, along with Passover!
This year is the first year both my husband and myself take time off work and we intend to spend the whole week with our girls, travel every day, play with them. I think it is great, that we can do that.. but now, after three such days... I'm so tired! It is much easier going to work every day and get myself going with my regular cups of coffee :-)
Anyway, I started summer sewing, but did actually very little... and I probably will not have time during the coming days.
So what did I do?
I made three Rivieras for my girls...
Here's two..

I also made three summer hats... from this great free pattern here...

What are my April plans?
I've decided that at the end of each month I'll try to plan the next one... My goal is try at least one new pattern each month, and make at least one thing for each one of us (I do NOT include my husband... only the girls and myself) each month.
So this month's tasks:
1. One top for myself - I'll try Butterick 4789

I still didn't understand how it is done though... I looked at the instructions but got nowhere with them, so I decided to cut the fabric and just try it out...
Then what?
2. Two bathing suits, one for each girl.
3. Good pants for myself. I hope I can make it all!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

one more Mia Top

Just a quick post to show my second Pink Fig Mia Top that I've made for my 6 years old.
We've spent the weekend with family in the Kibbutz, and it was really great. So here's the pictures!

I really like this dress... I'll be making more!

My little one wears 'hoverrock' of Farbenmix. How cute is that?????

I have so many more dresses planned for them.. I know they'll not have the time to wear it all. But I love making these colorfull dresses so much! And I'm afraid the day is not far when they tell me they want some branded clothes (is that how you say it??? I mean - Jeans from a specific company, etc.) And they will refuse to put on these cute dresses! What will I do then????
Happy Passover!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My March Challenge...

Well, I've had several challenges this month...
First is the softies challenge... right here. I don't usually make softies. As much as I like them, my girls play with them for a few hours, and that's it... but when I saw Dee-Dee by Melly&Me, I knew this is one softie I'll make, even if no one will play with it!
So here it is (I made two, as usual. My 3 years old still plays with hers... at least that!) -

As for the pattern, it really was very easy and came together just great. My only difficulty was the way the tail connects to the body. It might be my bad English, but I found this to be poorly explained. I finally made it two ways - in the first version I connected the body and then finishes the tail and then connected the two (I had to gather the tail a bit, since the tail is wider then the body). It came out just fine. In the second softie, I put the tail together, then attached it to the back body, and when I put the body front and back together, I had to play a bit with that, make some folds.. it then came out just fine to. So basically - I guess any way you find to attach the tail and body should work.
Both dee-Dee are cute, and I like them, I may enlarge the pattern to make a real big size dolphin, one a child can actually ride. Wouldn't that be cute???

Now for a personal challenge! I've been wanting for over a year now, to put a pants fly. And I have decided that this month is THE MONTH!
I found some great toturials! Here's the one I used - Fly-Fly-Front guide. It was a great help! I did it three times (first two I ended up with a great zipper, but upside down...) but then the third time - it came together really great! Remember - the image is not very clear, but at the first step, when putting the fly - it should be backside!
The pants is Burda 08-2006-112. Can't find the pattern picture. However - it's easy basic pants pattern, no pockets, no nothing. I started with size 44, (never made burda pants - or any pants - before, was unsure as for my measurements). Turned out it was VERY big (already good!) . I narrowed it a bit and left no seam allowance.

The important things are:
1. The fly looks great!
2. The pants are totally wearable!
I intend to get some good pants fabric next week, and make another try.
I have to remember:
1. lengthen the pants a bit - they are a bit short!
2. I used some fabric with a little stretch, I need to use no-stretch fabric
3. try to take a little bit from the waist, where they are too wide, but very little from the hips...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pink Fig - Mia top

Hi all,
This is my first try with pink fig patterns, I have also shirred very little in the past...
I wanted cute, uncomplicated dresses for my girls for the coming holidays. As with most new patterns, I started with the little one (so if I missed something in the pattern, I would not ruin that much fabric).
My 3 years old picked up the fabrics.
I finished the dress yesterday, and put it on just for the photos... She refused to take it off!
look at her!

I have a prolem with shirring... First, I was afraid that my girl will find it uncomfortable to wear. Luckily - no such issue was noted, she seemed perfectly comfortable to dance and run and sing in the dress...
Second - and I think ths is MY problem - I shirred many many rows, and it looked well, but I think the thread I'm using is not good, because when I stretched the dress a bit, the thread was torn on some of these rows, It didn't affect the oberall look of the dress, since most of the rows are intact, but I think the thread is just not good (even without sewing it, just looking at it and stretching it, it looks very thin, and get torn really easily). Where can I get a good thread????

Changes from the original design - I made the top a bit longer (the skirt part) since I want it to be a dress. Next time (sure, there will be a next time!) I'll make it even an inch longer. I also didn't make the sash, thinking that my 3 years old wouldn't need that...
The ruffle of the skirt - I made shorter then indicated, since I just didn't have enough fabric.
All in all - it came out really cute. and I love it! I'm starting the dress for my 6 years old, so I really need to get a good thread...

Yes, another great pattern!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What I've been up to...

First, thanks all for your good wishes for my daughter, She's much better now. Still weak, but improving :-)
I have been busy!
I started summer sewing! Isn't that great????
It's only March but is very warm here. I know it'll rain next week, but for now I enjoy this short, lovely Spring!
I made a couple of Redondo skirts!
I love this pattern. It was my first Studio Tantrum pattern that I got a year ago from dots and stripes, and I have made it a couple of times since... But as much as I love it, I just can't get a good picture of it, unless my daugther is wearning it.
I am still not sure what to do with these skirts - I love them both, but my girl has too many skirts as is. I originally planned to give them as gifts, but frankly, it's really difficult to give them! I still need to think about that.
Anyhow - I let me girl wear them for a few minutes just so I can take a picture... and then I put them a side to keep thinking...

Really, so what if she has about ten skirts in her closet, and no time to wear them all?????
I also had a success with my pants project! More on that - in the next post...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good IMKE and bad, bad pants experience...

Well.. I had a really hard time these past couple of days. There's so much I want to do and so much that I have to do (at work) and all of a sudden, 9 days ago, my 6 years old got sick. high fever, not eating or drinking, so tired...
9 days after, still the same...
We got the diagnosis now, it's probably Infectious mononucleosis, and she's got it pretty bad...
Anyhow, all my best made plans... will have to wait! The dresses I wanted to make my girls for the coming holidays... the stuffed animal for the March challenge...
But, before it all started - I did manage to finish the IMKE for SCKL!
When I first got the book, I didn't think I'll make this top, but my daughter saw it in the book, and really really wanted a hooded top!
I chose lovely fabrics (but really thin, because I want the top to be good for the coming spring season).
I don't have good pictures yet.. my daughter really doesn't have the energy to model for me :-(

I didn;t finish it well... I tried - finish with a serger then folding it inside, iron and top stitch - but it's not holding there.. I'll have to find another way to finish the curved edges! How do you do that?
I really like it - for next winter I'll be making more of this top!
Many more..

As for my pants experience - I set up a goal for myself for March to make myself a pair of zippered pants! I really need some pants and I HATE shopping for 'lower body parts clothes'! Having to try on clothes and look at myself in the mirror in front of other people... having to ask for those sizes... I prefer living in denial... I don't think of that. Can't do that and shop for pants!
So I chose a pattern, made some dummy version, practiced on how to put on the zipper... and then got started on the real thing - a lovely color of corderoy!
BUT - only after I sewed the two legs together I remembered - this fabric is 'with nap'. I never dealt with this type of fabric before! Even if I finish this pants, and the fit will be ok (not amazing, OK is good enough for me), the back part of the legs is darker then the front part. How's that for a woman trying to HIDE her back part???????????
I got really upset over that! The wasted time and fabric.
well, I did learn something.. I'll try to look at that as my learning fee :-)