Monday, September 27, 2010

Burda 9652 - baby boy romper

My sister in law is pregnant, with a boy. She's one great person, and I thought of making several baby boy clothes for her. I thought if I started now, 4 months in advance, I'll have the time to make many many things...
I chose this pattern

The pattern starts from size 68 cm (6 months), so this is what I did... only it was HUGE! far too big for a 6 months old baby (as I recall it... it's been while!).
So I added to the pants a 5 cm band of denim.. and it is a perfect fit for my sister's one year old baby boy...

So I'm happy with the result... But I need to look for some other baby pattern for my sister in law...

The patten review:
size: starts from 68 cm, but it is very big. my sister's son (one year old) is a big baby, and the fit on him (the 68 cm, the smallest size) (except the length, I added some) is good. it is even a bit too wide...
Instructions: didn't need them.. it is such an easy pattern (I made view b)
changes from the original design: I omitted the back pockets, and I put bottons on the shoulder straps. I also added to the length because I wanted it to be for the winter.
Likes: easy and cute...
fabric used: baby corderoy, denim on the pocket and on the pants extention.
conclusions: I would recommand this pattern, even to beginners, as it is very cute and easy. But - note the size issues!!!

well, off to find a good NB pattern!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vogue 2980

This is my first Vogue pattern, and I LOVE it!

This pattern has so many good reviews in patternReviews. I don't really have anything to add... only to say YES! this is one easy, quick and special top!
I made it twice - short for the coming month or two, and once long for the coming winter...
The short version

The long version

The Pattern Review:

size: There are many sizes in one envelop. I made size C and it fits, I think that size C fit size 40 (or 8 in American sizes).

Instructions - GREAT! One step was not very clear to me, but I just did as sketched - and it works! There are only a few steps...

Changes from design: none. However, next time I make the long version I'll change the sleeve a bit - I'll make it an inch longer for sure (too short for my taste) and maybe wider too...

Notes: I really like that the short sleeves are construced with lining... and the pattern even explains why. I like the unique shape of the top, and that the pattern includes instruction to change the pattern for several body types.

Conclusions: Winderful pattern, great instructions...

On a personal note... I'm getting better! I baught my sewing machine exactly three years ago, and I didn't know even how to thread it, I knew nothing! I acually cried when I broke a needle, I was sure I've just destroyed my machine!
And now I'm getting better.
I am more willing to handle a bit more intimidating patterns, and I get more professional looking results. I have so much to learn, always, but I really do think Ihave better skills!

for the coming month - I am getting ready for fall...
so much to do!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Butterick 5019 - not so cute...

I got this pattern thinking this simple layout will be great for the new Dora fabric I got...

I chose size 3 for my 3.5 girl. Good thing I decided to try with another fabric and not my Dora fabric....

This is one of the FIRST children patterns that I do not like. I wasn't sure at first, thinking it might too big for her, and that's way the fit wasn't great, but no... it's very short, so it may fit more as a top next year , but still, I just don't like it...

The Pattern Review:
First, as I said, I think the dress is very wide and very short... so I have issues with the look of this pattern.
It is also very weird to put on... there are buttons on the front that are connected with another piece of fabric... difficult to explain. and then there are the ties on the back (which are actually cute). If it fits my girl better, I'd made her another dress with the ties on the front...
I think it isvery comfortable, since my daughter loves the dress...
The instructions are very good though, not much to not understand.
Also I want to mention that you need A LOT OF BIAS TAPE! (I made my own for this dress... using this cute machine

In conclusion - I'll try this pattern again next year (same size) and if it looks better then I'll have to lengthen it. But really, so many cute dresses out there... I'm not sure I'll ever look at this one again!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simplicity 2396 - Revisited! (and more bags and stuff)

I promised a very good friend of mine a bag. She selected the fabrics, and she selected some thick, leather-like (am I clear? I don't know what's the name of this fabric is English) fabric.
She wanted a bag similar to my Simplicity 2396 bag, only smaller. It took me a while.. but I finally made it - two sizes, the original size (for me) and the smaller one (for her).
I hope she likes it!

Then over the weekend I went to my mother. I had given her about a year ago one flower garden that I made using this great toturial. I thought of making a runner or something, I thought this would be a great craft for me for the times I spend with the girls in the playground... but since they never let me just sit there.... despite all my hopes... I ended up with only two such flowers.. and realized this is the end of my career as a hand sewing mama...
But I gave one of these flowers to my mom. Look what she made out of it!

I have some not-too-great patterns to post about and review.. It depresses me.. (time and fabric lost). But I'll get to it soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ottobre 02-2005-18 - GREAT PANTS!

I may have mentioned it before... my girl started school! Apparently, though she can wear skirts, most girls wear pants to school, so my Lady H, that has SO MANY skirts... wants to wear pants.
I chose Ot 02-2005-18 and made her two pairs.
Please ignore the poor quality of the pictures... and the total mess we have at home :-( I cannot be expected to both sew and keep the house in order... right????)
Anyway - here it comes!
This is from embroided linen..

This is from some home decor fabric...

I know it looks as if it doesn't sit well... but it really is OK! My girl just has the tendency to pose in weird body shapes when she tries on new clothes...

I made another pair of this pattern, without the ruffle, just the shorts.
I really like this pattern. It is really easy, and looks cute!

My Pattern Review
I made size 122. fit my girl perfectly!
The directions are easy and simple... you make the ruffle, you make the shorts, then attach both.
I finished the ruffle once with bias tape and once I just serged it...

Changes from the original design - I put in the elastics in the regular way (prepared casing and put in the elastics). I like it better this way.

Special likes - It's a great pattern for special pants... I will also make it in denim in the winter. The fit is good... it combines practical pants and fency look.

I also made two pairs of Riviera from SCKL

I think I have this whole school clothes stuff covered for the coming weeks, until winter starts :-)

I also finished a simple dress for my little one.. I will post on that soon, and I now work on two matching bags for my friend and for me. I hope to be done with that in a week...

On another note, I celebrated my birthday last week... amd after thinking about it for a year or so...I decided to buy myself an embroidery machine! It should arrive (in sea) in a couple of months! I have a lot to look for!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Starting school

Today was the first day of school. Thank god it's over!
Lady H started the first grade.
Lady N started kindergarten.
They were both very tense, and I cried.
They look so small.

My summer was busier then I thought it would be, and I didn't get to do all that I planned.
I never got to make the swimsuit for myself, or the blouse that I've planned to...

I still have some "debts" of clothes to make for friends and family.
So early next week I'll have to update all my plans for the coming month -

September will be all about old debts
1. swimming suit for me niece
2. Elodie for a frirnd
3. Bag for a friend.

Then I'll make
1. 2 pairs of pants for lady H for school
2. simple dress for my little one, yes, she doesn't need it... but... well...
3. blouse for myself

Then I'll start winter sewing...

can't wait!