Tuesday, March 29, 2011

white dress... another Tini!

I don't like making white dresses. They never remain white, not in my house, and I hate it when I need to worry, when the girls are in the middle of some fun activity, that they mess their dresses...
But my big girl asked for one... and she really has no white dress. She might need one for passover anyway...
But I didn't want to spend too much time and effort on a dress that will not be in use too often.
So I went with 'Tini'.
I've made Tini so many times before, it is always great! I made it bigger this time, hoping to make it last throughout the summer...
The pictures are not that great because my 7 years old, when a camera is directed at her, starts posing... and not very well... for some reason she believes she looks best when she stands in some very strange angles and turns her head to various positions...
never mind.
The dress fits, and it's white!

I had to change my plans for April... I thought of completing another dress for each girl, but instead I have some other urgent issues... I promised my niece a new dress. It's more complicated, because I usually try a muslin on me/my girls before actually sewing, and this time I'm pretty much guessing... but I have to make progress with that. I also promised her a jacket,
When I am done with that... I better start preparing some of the things for my little ones... I am planning sleeping bags and prefold diapers.. and cute outfits to get out of the hospital with.
As always, so much to do!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finally... Purim

I love Purim. My girls have a big costumes case, where we store shiny fabrics and costumes from previous years, and they play with those all year. But Purim is a great reason for buying/making new ones.
This year I was afraid I wouldn't make it.. so I baught them costumes...
And at the same time I started planning what to sew too... Hoping I was going to make it. And I did!
I baught the shiny fabrics in a new online Israeli fabric shop... badimdim... The prices were reasonable,and shipment was very quick.. and I can't go fabric shopping right now, probably wouldn't be able to in the coming months either.
I used this wonderful mermaid toturial by 'living the creative life' blog. What a wonderful toturial!
I used another shiny fabric that I had lying around for the tank tops. This is the same pattern I used for my girls tops from last post.
Purim this year is practically the begining of Spring... but most times we have some rain in Purim. So I decided to add boleros.. I used a big favorite of mine, New look 6582. I made it several times before. This time I made itvery simple, one layer, no finishes at all on the outside.
Here is comes:
My two little mermaids!

They love their costumes, and they chose to wear these costumes to to their purim parties!
Tomorrow they will probably be princesses again!
They already started discussing next years' costumes with me!
Happy Purim you all!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Summer sewing...

I thought this year I better start my summer sewing as soon as possible... I don't have too much though... I looked at the girls clothes the other day, and lets face it, they still have many dresses and skirts to wear...
My 7 years old wears school uniform to school... what a shame... so she has very few options to dress nice.
My 4 years old on the other hand, wants to wear only skirts and dresses now... lucky me. But she has so many!!
So I made a list of items the girls needs for the coming summer...
1. two dresses (each)
2. two tank tops each (I found out this item is very much in use... with a proper skirt of course :-))
3. two skorts/skirts each
4. Swiming suit - one per each
Everything beyond this short list will be great...
So I started..
I made my 4 years old a skirt...
It's not made out of a pattern, but rather from a great tutorial right here. I've actually made this skirt at least 10 times, It's the first item of clothing that I've made three years ago, when I had no idea how to read a pattern!
it's always pretty and cute.
Here it is this time...

And I've made two tank tops from a great Ottobrre pattern... But I can't remember which issue... I'll have to check...
we had a great weather two weeks ago, a glimpse of Spring, and it was the perfect time
for the girls to wear their new tops..

I need to post a pattern review on this pattern, a great one!
I also made crochet headbands for the girls... I am not sure they are very practical, but they are cute...

And I've made them costumes!!! On that, on the next post...

Friday, March 4, 2011

I haven't posted in so long...

Sorry about that!
But I do have good excuses.., I am so tired! I am back to working from work, not from home, which is good, but it also means I get even more tired than I was before, and having two kids to handle after work hours... well, it barely gives me any time to do anything!
I complained to my mom the other day... all she had to tell me was that for the next few years I should not count on having much 'creativity time'... that raising my kids and working full times should be enough..
I guess she has a point...
But still, as long as I can.. I actually make some stuff..
I have been crocheting more...
The net crochet hat is from a great you-tube right here...
and I lost the grenny square youtube.. sorry!

I've also been sewing...
I do my best to get by with the clothes I have... Spring is just around the corner... It will be shame to go to all the trouble of making myself winter tops for a month or so.
But I made myself one lightweight knot top that will be good for the coming month, and by spring I'll just shorten the sleeves. I'll post about that soon because I still got no pictures.
I also started summer sewing for the girls... knowing that this summer I may not have the time to handle that. So I prepares a short list of 'must haves' for the summer for both girls. There isn't much there.. they both have so many clothes, but I think one new dress I have to make... each. And a couple of skorts... so useful!
So I already made some tank tops and a skirt. I will post about that soon too... when I get the pictures taken.
I might start baby sewing soon...