Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First boy's garment!

Well, my sister is about to give birth to a baby boy. Since I have two girls, I never had the chance to sew anything for a boy before. When I decided to sew an overall, I faced to issues:
1. How do I sew for a baby I know nothing about? How do I know what size he'll be???? How to sew for a baby that wasn't born yet??? I decided on size 62 cm. He's supposed to be a big baby and the overall is made out of baby corduroy, so it should fit the baby when is about 2 months old... well into the winter.
2. fabrics - I didn't need much fabric for this project... very little in fact, but of all the fabric that I have - NONE of it fit a boy!!!!
so I had to go fabric shopping... This time I really had to :-)

I am now even happier with my two princesses! finding cute boys fabric is hard!

Well, I did find!
here is it - Puuheppa overalls for a new baby (from Ottobrre, I don't remember the issue right now... but I think it's 4/2008)

Isn't is cute?
I also made another Simplicty 3759. I love this fabric, but I messed this top up, I didn't do the gathering properly, and when I did the top bend, it didn't come up nice, I had to redo it, twice. Well, I learned my lesson! next time - I'll pin the bend to the neck opening first, and sew only when I see that it fits nicely.

Good day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer sewing

I've been doing a lot of that lately!
I found myself last weekend with an old swimming suit of my 6 years old, that had the elastics ripped out.. It wasn't a great swimming suit, but it did the job...
so I opened old Ottobrre issues and found three swimming suit patterns. None of them worked for me :-(
I don't know what clear elastic is, but I needed it for each and everyone of these patterns.
So I took out a ballet suit, and traced it, changed it a bit, added some gathering on the front. It took three tries, but I ended up with this...

I know it isn't the best swimming suit ever, but the fabric is cute, my kid loves it! it fits..
Happy with the results, I made another one:

We are going to spend next week, the last week of the (way too) big vacation, on a real 4 days vacation. two swimming suits will be handy!
I'm proud of this pattern. This one is mine!
I also made her another Laguna skirt - winter colors this time. The laguna is, I think, good also for the winter over some leggings, since it has two layers, and it is pretty heavy.

So - it is not a waist to make more and more!

I am now in the middle of a new top for me, Hope to finish it this week.

Now, it's not that I neglect my 2.5... I got a new pattern (yes, European, I just love those!) from dotsnstipes. I love this online shop, The service is exceptional!
So I got a few new patterns from there -
This is one -
Isn't it cute? I will trace from there and once the vacation is over I'll make my little girl some cute stuff too!

I also got a Magazine... I know, I promised no more patterns.. it's a sickness!

And I ordered several machine quilting accessories. I hope I'll make use of them!

Bye for now,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Simplicity 3759

Hi all!
last week I finished several tops for me :-). All of them knit fabric... I regret to say - I almost have nothing left...
so - I made two more of the NewLook 6405. Still love it! I actually meant to make the long sleeve version, but them decided that winter is still not so close... so I made two more tops.
Here's one:

I actually like my first version better, I think the two color combination makes it nicer... But this one is also good...
Then I got around to Simplicty 3759:

I made the small size. I actually cut it long ago but this is such a terrible fabric. So thin and slippery... I was afraid of working with it. Then I decided to make it a muslin version... but I turned really good!
I again skipped the top stitch, had to.. Other then that, no changes.
I'll make it again, in a better fabric, because I'm not sure this one will survive the washing machine :-(

I still have so much planned... I plan to make another Laguna skirt for my big girl, a T Shirt for my husband, another top for myself...
Then, I promise, I'll start preparing for the winter...
Good day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Look what the mail brought me :-)

Wow, so much!!!!
I am still waiting for my August Burda magazine (though frankly, I;m not sure I have anything from there to make at the moment...)
But look what I did get!!!

I won this in a giveaway run by Bettsy Kingston. Thank you, Bettsy, it is adorable. Both my girls loved it!!!!
Then I got this this adorable eBay store . Look:

I do not sell stuff that I make, but I realised that my girl usually find the front and the back of dresses, skirts and pants by the label attached to back side.. so I thought I would add one too... isn't it pretty?
If anyone is wondering - N&L is for the nicknames of my daughters...

Once I get my burda, I'll have nothing to wait for on the mail... It's time to plan another buy!

I'll post soon on my latest work!

Good day,