Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ottobre 03-2008-35

I have an old debt… the dress I made for my niece (as it turned out, just in time for Passover).
I used Ottobre 03-2008-35, it was her choice.
I made it first in some old fabric I had around. I made size146, as that's my niece's exact height. It was HUGE!!! I had to narrow every part of it.
I also had to shorten it a lot, but that's because this is the way my sister wanted it.
When we finally had the pattern fixed, I asked my niece to select fabric. This is what she choose.. dark pant's fabric.
I am so glad my girls still prefer colorful dresses… (and longer dresses )
Anyway, this is the final outcome!

As for the instructions…
This issue is what my parents bought for me from Germany… meaning I have it written in I don't know what language… but it's not English. Still, t is a very easy pattern, and if my niece asks for another dress, it should be easy enough.
I am now preparing a matching bolero for her… Will show pictures when ready!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simplicity 2924 - Diaper bag

When I was pregnant with my big girl, I baught this functional diaper bag, that was blue (in case I'll have a son a baby boy the next time). I didn't like this bag, but it served its purpose.
It's now pretty dirty and I was happy to replace it with a new bag.
This is the pattern I chose...

This is a pattern for a cute diaper bag, with a flap (that closes using volecro), two side pockets for bottles, one inside pocket divided to two and one back pocket on the outside.

But I made some changes...
For one thing, I want my bag to have a place for 4 bottles, not just the two on the sides, so I made similar side pockets on the inside of the bag..
I also added a zippered pocket on the front for my cell phone.
And two additional inside pockets, other then the two already in the pattern.
I think this bag will be good, I hope it has enough pockets...
For some of the pockets I used the lining fabric (denim) on the outside, to have some contrast. I like the result.
Here are the pictures...
The front..

The side pocket on the outside

The inside pockets(there are many :-))

And the zippered front pocket

I used cotton for the front, and denim for the lining, and I interfaced all parts...

The directions are very good. I recommand this pattern!!

Passover is nearly over... too bad...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Burda 08-2006-125 - Maternity top

I thought... or hoped... that I could get through this pregnancy without buying/making anyspecial clothes. I got from a friend a couple of pants, and I hoped that would be enough.
For when I'm at home that's no big deal. My husband is a big man. I can wear his shirts. But when I go to work, or anywhere else...
I am not really 'presentable' never mind what I wear. still, I'd like to wear clothes that do not reveal my belly botton :-)
I am just starting my 7th month... and already I have NOTHING to wear. So I spent a couple of hours this weekend and this morning maiking myself two maternity tops.
This is the pattern I chose, Burda 08-2006-125, This is what it looks like on the model...

Well... It doesn't look this way on me! For one thing, I'm so much bigger then the model!
I made some changes in the pattern to fit my needs better, and I like the result. Really... still, I wish I could find a maternity pattern that makes me look THIN!
never mind...
The changes I made:
1. I changed the neck line to V shape, I like it better. And I finished it with binding.
2. I cut the back and front a bit longer.. I still need growing room.
3. A note for the long sleeve- not long enough! If I needed the long sleeves version, I'd make the sleeves a couple of inches longer.
4. The back - I narrowed it just a bit in the center back near the neck, and the back in the neck area kind of gaped...
I made it twice... in very stretchy fabric. The fit is good (I made size 40). I onlytook pictures of the first one,
Don't lough. I know I look like a whale...

I hope that with these two tops I can manage the next two months.... I really don't like spedning any more time and effort on maternity clothes when I have so much cuter things on my mind...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

crochet blanket...

I've had many opportunities lately to wait for a doctor's appointment... (Have you noticed? you never get to hold the appointment in time! Doctors always run late!).
Also, it happens pretty often lately that when the girls are finally in bed for the night, all I can do is lie down and rest.
I have tried to use this time to crochet...
I first saw the blanket in this blog, and then I saw Hebrew directions in here... (Thanks so much for these!!!)
I actually understood the directions!
So I started.
I have a lot to improve, I didn't really make the squares well... nut well enough!
After 25 squares - I put them together and this is what I had.

I realized this is too small... so I asked in the Knitting Israeli Forum how to expand it. I made some mistakes again, and it didn't come out exactly as I planned it (somehow it expanded a bit..)
But I like what I have!

I have another blanket started, boy's colors this time.

On sewing related issues...
I sent my niece her new 'muslin' dress. She's supposed to try it on and send me a picture. I hope she does that soon.
I have a lot planned for April - May, but at the same time I need to get some order and work on my hours, we need to build a new room, which means clearing up the 'mess room' that we have.. a lot of work, I hope I can make it...

Happy Passover all of you!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Passover dress for my little one...

I made it...
One more dress.
Still a lot do before Passover!
I'm almost done with the muslin dress (that I hope will be wearable too!) for my niece. She just needs to come over so I can out the buttons in the correct place. Then, once I have her approval, I need to make it one more time in another fabric. And a bolero too...
I also started sewing for the babies too... very few things, hope to have something to show soon.
Back to the dress...
I have so many dress patterns, but I saw this one in YCMT. I do not usually buy pdf paterns for clothes (because I hate having to tape papers togther), but I made an exception this time. To be honest, I think I could have drafted this pattern myself, since I have another pattern that looks very similar, but then I would have felt uncomfortable... taking someone else's idea without paying for it.
So I baught the pattern.
I changed it though... The long back option of the original pattern is made with shirring, which I hate...
So I made it with elastics.
I took the main pattern piece (the bodice) and made all other parts for myself, considering the fabrics that I had. I did't have enough for the sash... so I gave it up.
I think the result is cute... not the best, but cute enough. And my little girl is HAPPY!
The dress deserves better pictures then the ones I took (very rainy in here lately) and I'll do that as soon as it warms up outside...
to the pictures

There was really no need for the instructions... very simple dress.But I looked at them anyway, so I can report they are very well written, very clear, it is a great pattern for any beginner sewer!