Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Day Of Pre School!

So, today is my dd's last day of pre school! Next year she'll be in school! I'm not sure she is ready for that... (I'm not sure I'm ready for that..) but I hope everything will be ok.
In the meantime - leaving her pre school teacher.. leaving her friends (though some of them will probably end up with her in school) is really difficult for my girl, so We decided to let her say goodbye for each child indiviually..
We sat together over the weekend and made each boy and girl a 'sugar child'. we then wrapped it up nicely and today she's giving those away!
here are some pictures of my girl preparing the little treats...
We used Wilton's boy and girl cookie cutters...

I've decided to start summing up the months, what I made, how many new/old patterns, etc. ... I have seen some bloggers do that, and I like the idea. I'll get to that really soon!

Bye for now!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ronja, Zoe, and some more

I recently baught two new patterns, Zoe and Ronja, both by Farbenmix.
It took me a while to decide to buy them, because next year my big dd will be in school, and will wear school uniform... so really, what do I need Zoe for? Yes, I have my little one, but she has many clothes as is... from her big sister. And also - I enjoy making dresses and skirts...
I finally decided to get them because Ronja seemed special enough to get my girls to wear it instead of skirts sometimes... and Zoe, well, there are many expamples of pretty tops made with it... right here.
I let my dd selct her Ronja colors.. I think it's a bit too much, but with a blacktop.. it is cute, I think...

note for this pattern: the pants fit fine, (though a bit long to be 3/4... but it's fine by me, I prefer them long), but the ruffle part for the skirt is too small...
next time I'll cut longer ruffle parts...

Now for Zoe... well, I had a disappointment here... This is the first time a Farbenmix pattern just didn;t match. The first time I made it, without any changes, the neck just hang there..

I consulted around (in Israeli sewing forums...) and followed some advices from there..
now I have a cute Zoe top

The changes I made:I hope it's visible from the pictures...

There's a lot more to share, but it'll have to wait :-)
Bye for now!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I've been tagged!

Hi All,
Kathryn from lespetitsanglais has tagged me! It actually took me a while to understand what it means :-). I've just visited her blog too see her answers and, wow, such cute outfits! Love them all!
Now, to the game! :-)
1. Which pattern/vintage style have you been thinking about lately?
Ok, there are a few... Some that I need (swiming suit for myself... ) and some that I don't need (yes, you got it! more dresses for my girls :-))
The one that I plan to make this month and am really excited about is this Elodie by Farbenmix

Isn't is an amazing dress???? you can see dresses made from this pattern right here!

2. What's the one place you want to visit that you've never been to before.
Well, I don't know... I think Madgaskar... I've heard there's a lot to see there...

3. How do you relax?
I read, and yes, I sew!

4. What is your favourite holiday.
In Israel we have Shavot, That's one hoilday to celebrate the new born - kids, fruits, and for some reason that I'm not sure of, it's a dairy (milk products, I'm not sure I spelled it correctly) hoilday, I do not eat meet, so it's a real treat to me. It's also the holiday I got married in, the begining of Spring...

5. What is one sewing skill you want to learn/try out?
I want to get better.. yes. But for now I'm pretty happy with the way I progress. I have a lot to learn, but I don't let it bother me... I'll get to it someday. I now think of my self as an advanced beginner... I would like to be just 'advanced' one day :-)

6. Can you knit/crochet? Other crafting talents?I'm a slow but good My other craft hobbies are cake decorating and papier nache..
cake decorating is a mess, and within a few days nothing is left ;-) Papier mache is just a mess... But i like them both! Ever since I started sewing i don't have time for them as much as before though...

7. What garment/accessory do you wear the most?
basic t-shirt.

8a. How much time do you spend reading blogs?
It varies but too much!!

8b. Your motto/mantra
don't have one

Tagging other blogs...
I haven't been following this game closely, so I hope I do not tag blogs that already participated in this game..
First up is TAS from Little Boozle, I love all the girl's clothing she makes... but the top of the top is this amazing fairy house, go look!
Second is Jenny from SewPrettyDresses... what can I say??? pretty dresses... I just love them!
And third is Nicole from dots N stripes. I love her work, I love her online shop!
And the last tagged blog is willow and moo. How I love Sara's work... all these rainbow's colors!

I have a lot more to write, will post very soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simplicity 2464.. new princess dress!

About two weeks since my last post... I didn't mean for it to be so long... but the days go by so quickly...
Anyway, we're very close to the end of the school year here... and the summer vacation will be here in notime! (scary!!!!)
In September my dd will start school... first grade. We are all very excited about that.
Last week there was a farewell party in her kindergarten. I thought of making her a new dress for the occasion (yea, sure, she really needs new dresses..). I was halfway through that dress when the kindergarten teacher annonced that all kids must come dressed in white. Damn!
So the dress was completed in time, but is still in the closet.
Still, I like it.
It's Simplicity 2464. I like the look of this dress.

I chose size 7 for my average build 6.5 years old. It's big, and long, but I managed it with the elastics on the back, and she has room to grow.
As for the instructions - great. The only thing I couldn't understand is the section of attaching the skirt to the bodice. I think they may have meant to attach the front skirt part to the front upper part and the same for the back, but I'm not sure. Anyway - I did the bodice back and the skirt and the attached the skirt to the bodice.
Changes from the original design - well, I left out the strip of fabric on the bottom of the front part. Don't know why -but when I added it the front part was too long... I just omitted it.
here it is!

I really like that the shoulders are covered in this dress, not much of the back is exposed. Makes it a good choice for the summer. My girl LOVES this dress!
I also managed over the weekend another top from NewLook 6106. I made it before - and I will make more, just probably not this summer :-)

As for my plans to come... I think that for the coming few weeks I'll only make kids' clothing... I've got a lot on my mind and managing 'grownup projects' is a bit too much for me right now... I might give a try to a new swiming suit for myself though. Maybe...
That't it for now!

Monday, June 7, 2010

my new summer outfit!

Ok then, between some other 'old' stuff I managed to make a summer outfit for myself
But first, the old stuff...
my 6.5 years old started a swiming course! She's getting so big...
So I had to make her another swiming suit, using KwikSew 2605 pattern.

I also made a new Olivia for my 3 years old, since the pink Olivia I made for her last month is by far her favorite dress, and I can hardly wash it between her wearing it. So now she has a new one!

Last weekend I wanted to get "tasks" out of my head. I was asked by a couple of friends to sew dresses for their girls. I don't usually mind, but when three friends ask me together (I mean, a part and not knowing on each other, but at the same time practically), and at this time of the year which is busy as it is... well, I decided to get it done with.
I finished one Tini for a friend, another Tini for another friend is almost done, and I still have some tasks ahead... but not so much!

In this Tini I didn't use elastics for the neck opening but rather FOE. It is much easier, and I thought the added color is also cute! I hope my friend likes it!

Then I got around to make some "me" stuff. Not much though.
I first made a simple peseant skirt... (drafted by me...). I don't like it too much... It doesn't fit great, but it's comfortable to wear around the house...
I then went over my stash of pattern to find a good easy summer top pattern for a friend, and I saw this one - NewLook 6106.

I am not even sure how long have I had this pattern around.. I think it was from a couple of years ago, I was too scared of handling knit fabric and I just put it a side.
anyhow, I love it!

By far one of the easiest knit patterns around, it sits really nice.
The sizing is perfect, I made size 8, view C.
I did change something - the pattern calls for using same interfacing before attaching the neck binding, I ddecided to try without it and see if there's a problem. I am glad to report that the neck opening is stable enough without the interfacing, making a simple top even simpler.
I actually got a compliment when wearing this top :-)!
Ok then, till next time :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok... So this month was supposed to be all about me..

But it will not be!
First, I have nothing to show yet, but I will, I finished another swiming suit for my 6 years old, and the cutest Olivia for my 3 years old, and some pants for me.. Just didn't take any pictures yet!
About this month - Some of my friends asked me to sew new dresses for their daugthers. And my sister asked for a swiming suit for her daughter. And I forgot that my 6 years old needs a new dress for her farewell party from kindergarten.
So instead of making this month all about me, here are my renewed plans for this month:
1. two dresses for my friends
2. swiming suit for my niece
3. new dress for my girl's party
4. top for me
5. skirt for me
6. bag for me
I wonder if I'll be able to make it all... The 'me' stuff takes time, you know!

Since I have nothing to show, I thought I'll share some of the cute events allover blogland and some of the stuff that I know I'll have to get!
First - look at this book:

I don't know anything about this book, but I know both my girls would love to dress a doll just like they are dressed! I am seriously thinking of getting this book once it is published! I just need to find 'an American doll' here where I live!
This book is also on my list!

Much more is happening!

On the Burda magazine from the previous monthes that are plenty of stuff for me to make, I don't know when I will get to that though!

Skirts week!
I do not wear skirts! But that's not because I don't like them. I just never found a skirt to compliment mty heavy lower body part!
But I keep thinking that I might come across such a design.
So one of this month's goals is making myself a skirt!
And after setting this goal I came across this great idea of the skirts week!
I know I'll look at all these pictures and try to gather some tips for adjusting a nice skirt for myself!
I hope also to take part in the girls' skirts section - I have made many cute skirts for my girls that I think can be entered to the flicker group!

Clare from Clare's craftroom is giving away her new pattren - the cutest Crocodile! How cute is that?

I so hope I win!

Bye for now!